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Introductory Special

Buy 6 Sodium Hydroxides or 6 Potassium Hydroxides and 1 is free. Sorry, no mix and match - all six, including your free container, must be the same type of hydroxide.


So after a few years and a failed attempt at a new website, I've decided to keep site we have.  Everything works as expected in the ordering and cart process, it's the payment option that could be problematic for a few of you.  It works just fine 95% of the time.  If you have trouble with the Paypal Payment portion, please either call or text me at 315 436-6560 or place your order using thCHECK OUT WITH US option and choose PAY BY CHECK.  I will send you a Paypal Money Request where you can pay your invoice via your Paypal account or by Credit Card and I'll ship your order right out.  I apologize for any inconvenience but it's easier to put the info on the homepage so you all know and we can work it out together.  It's been frustrating, but thelyeguy is not going anywhere and will continue to provide you with the same top quality caustics I have been selling for the past 16 years.  Again, thank you for your patience with this one old guy and his website.......... Jim Sweeting    owner

UPDATE:  Some behind the scenes info...... after many revisions and paying a "developer" too much money for a plug and play website that still can't do what this site does, I've decided to just continue running the old site.  The big sticking point on the new site was that plug and plays cannot calculate actual shipping for any number, or combination, of bottles customers put in their basket.  I would have to create a product page for each number, or combination, of bottles and charge a fixed shipping charge and I don't want to do that.   It's confusing and unnecessary.  I only charge you the shipping charges FedEx charges me.   And that's the way I do business.  I apologize for the saga this new website thing has been.  Sometimes it's just better to stick with what works. And that's what we are going to do.  I appreciate you all for sticking with me and welcome new customers in the future.  I'm a one man show working tirelessly to supply you what you need.  Any questions or concerns, just call or text me and we'll work it out together.......... Jim Sweeting     owner

TheLyeGuy apologizes for any inconvenience.


Who is The Lye Guy?

I'm a husband, a stay-at-home Dad, and an avid biodieseler. My goals are;

  1. To provide top quality caustics at fair and reasonable prices
  2. Attempt to process all orders within 3 business days.  Due to supply chain delays, processing times may be longer.
  3. To be YOUR caustics provider

All feedback is welcome!